My name is Jana Stastna. I live in the very centre of Bohemian Switzerland, the National park in the north of the Czech republic. I am a woman who lives and creates from within her, a lover and worshiper of life. I find the greatest inspiration for my work in nature. I let myself be guided by love, by the movements of my heart.
Ever since I was a child I spent most of my time in nature. I percieved her as a being speaking to me in her many languages. We have created a deep relationship and I feel her closeness and a need to return her hidden love to her. I started singing and dancing in nature for the mother Earth, watching and listening to her sounds. Pay attention, admire and express gratitude.
The videos and songs I create for you are an invitation to my inner world, a world of slow rhythm, silence and vibrant light. I believe that the more attention we pay to our dreams, the more real they become.
Welcome to my world where sounds speak in silence and colours are the subtle vibrations of light, that have rebounded from the depths of the worlds yet to come.
With love Bohéma woman


Jana Šťastná

Phone +420 602 127 711